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Hide, Lock and Take: the shopping season is here

Start today! Remind yourself and others when you leave the car to Hide Lock Take. If you see a person displaying items in their car or leave without locking it, remind them too. You can keep your car safe by reminding everyone else, so that criminals won't be successful in your area. Hide your belongings, Lock your car, and Take your keys!

Park your car in well-lit areas and lots that have security. Don't leave your windows rolled down or cracked as this only makes it easier to break in to. Try to park nearest to street or entrances so that it is viewable to passersby. Do not display decals or signs that upgrades have been made to your car. If you're just not sure, always go with the safest most protected choice.

If you see any suspicious activity in a parking lot, dial 911 immediately. Most thieves will scout an area out and park closely if possible. They will constantly look around before attempting to break into a vehicle. They will often pull on many door handles to find one unlocked. Always call the police and never approach a suspicious person.

If you are a victim of an auto theft, the first action should always be to call 911 or local police. You can take pictures of how the vehicle was left by the thief, but do not touch anything in case there are fingerprints. Try to see if you can establish what was stolen by viewing through windows and estimate a total cost of stolen items.

Hide Lock Take is the most successful auto theft awareness campaign in the world. The success lies within the day to day citizens who take action by being proactive against criminals.

Alert sent on 11/22/2016 at 9:40AM EST

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